Primal Pictures Image Bank

Primal Pictures have very kindly donated a selection of images for use in Physiopedia. You are welcome to use any of these pictures in articles that you are creating or updating in Physiopedia. Primal pictures retain the copyright on these images and request that they are not used outside of Physiopedia without special permission.

To use the pictures:

  • Click on the image that you would like to use.  This will take you to the image page for that picture.
  • You can get the name of the image from that page.   It will look something like this: 
    Interactive Spine - Lumbar Vertebral Spine - L7F19.jpg
  • Add the image to your page as you would normally do.  See the adding images tutorial for further assistance.

Interactive Spine - Lumbar Vertebral Spine - L7F19.jpg Interactive Spine - Thoracic Vertebral Spine - L7F22.jpg Interactive spine - intevertebral foramina - L1F8.jpg
Interactive shoulder - thorax and arm - L18F2.jpg Interactive shoulder - shouder - L16F1.jpg Interactive shoulder - rotator cuff - L16F1.jpg
Interactive knee - close up - L10F35.jpg Interactive hip - hip - L5F1.jpg Interactive hand - carpel tunnel - L16F1.jpg
Interactive head and neck - head and neck - L13F8.jpg Interactive hand - hand - L17F1.jpg Interactive foot and ankle - ankle and foot - L16F31.jpg
Interactive foot - ankle and foot - L10F3.jpg Interactive foot - ankle and foot - L10F26.jpg Interactive hand - cubital fossa - L9F1.jpg
Interactive hand - hand - L7F1.jpg Interactive hand - hand - L13F20.jpg Interactive hip - pelvis - L10F1.jpg
Interactive knee - knee - L18F1.jpg Interactive knee - knee close up - L7F18.jpg Interactive knee - popliteal fossa - L7F1.jpg
Interactive pelvis - pelvis and perineum - L8F36.jpg Interactive knee - tibial menisci - L16F1.jpg Interactive spine - cervical vertebral spine - L7F21.jpg