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With Physiotools you canĀ 

  • Create professional exercise programs tailored exactly to your clients' needs
  • Engage and motivate your clients with the PT Momentum app
  • Select from a wide range of exercises in different specialist areas


Use PhysioTools from any device with Internet access to create personalised exercise programs with videos that can be emailed, printed or sent to PT Momentum - the exercise motivator App.

Physiotools Premium includes a large library of exercises covering a wide range of specialist areas. Use the fast and intelligent search function and utilize new exercises that are added regularly plus free updates, support and step by step tutorials. The exercises cover rehabilitation, occupational therapy, ergonomics, paediatrics, podiatry, speech therapy, manual therapy, neurology, aquatic therapy, older people, sports and fitness and much more. Read more

Free PT Momentum app encourages your clients to reach a daily exercise target and reminds them to exercise. Read more

Educational offer: Used extensively in schools, colleges and universities, Physiotools is a great resource for both tutors and students. We offer educational institutions FREE use of Physiotools Premium. Read more

About Physiotools

Since 1987, Physiotools has worked with world renowned authors and publishers to bring you professional and up to date clinical content. Leading hospitals, universities, clinics and professionals around the world use Physiotools to create exercise and information programs in 28 languages.

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