Patient Explanatory Videos

This is a stub for videos that will be useful for explaining stuff to patients. There are a lot of videos currently up in video uploading sites such as YouTube. Searching individually through Youtube might yield results, however, watching each video to decide how useful it is will take a lot of time.

Please link the video in this page and provide a short 1-3 sentence regarding the video so that it will be easier to choose what video will be appropriate. 

As this page is being populated and organised, please use Ctrl-f (Windows), or Cmd-f (Mac OSX) to search for a term that you require.

Video Links

Osteoarthritis Knee

This video shows an easy-to-understand animated explanation of what the relatively common condition of OA Knees is about. This could be a resource provided to your clients, as a way to reinforce their understanding of their condition when they go home.