PP06 assignment guide

You will asked to include the following in your assignment for the lower limb amputee course based on a provided case presentation:



Highlight issues from patient pathology and goals that will influence your decisions in developing the proposed rehabilitation programme. (150 - 250 words)


Identify an appropriate prosthetic/prosthetics for the patient. (50 - 100 words)

Rehabilitation programme

Develop a rehabilitation programme taking this patient from initial fitting through to discharge. (500-1000 words)


Highlight two or more problems that might be encountered and that you will be on the look out for during rehabilitation and approaches you would take to mitigate these. (150 - 250 words)


This summary statement should discuss your case, include related findings in the literature, potential impact on clinical practices etc. (150 - 250 words)


Include at least three references from the scientific literature or course materials to justify your decisions.

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