PP05-Feedback and evaluation

Overview[edit | edit source]

Setting up and running an open online course is challenging, time consuming and requires far more effort than more traditional approaches to teaching and learning. However, we believe that this extra investment in time and resources provides for a learning experience that far exceeds what is possible in pure face-to-face contexts. But you need to get an understanding of how your participants experienced the course, no matter what you believe, which is why it is essential that you ask participants to complete an evaluation. To this end, consider the following:

  1. How are you going to get feedback from the course participants? Google Forms or Surveymonkey provide free, easy to use platforms to set up simple questionnaires that allow a variety of responses
  2. How long will the evaluation be? The more in-depth your questions are, the richer the responses are likely to be. Or, the fewer people will complete the form.
  3. Which questions will you ask? Which questions will you omit? What is the purpose of each question?
  4. Are you thinking of conducting research on your courses (note: you should be)? Have you received ethics clearance? Is the project registered? Have you informed participants that their responses may be published? Do you have their consent?

Activity[edit | edit source]

Please take a few minutes to reflect on the session today and let us know a little bit about how you experienced our time together. Click here to complete the course evaluation form. Your feedback is anonymous. You are not required to complete this evaluation. It is not a test. No marks will be awarded for successful completion of the form. These questions will not be in the exam.