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General structure of a week[edit | edit source]

  1. Each week you will need to write a blog post based on a set of activities that are based on a topic.
  2. You will be provided with a set of stimuli that aim to trigger your thinking on that topic. The stimuli will be something that aims to get you thinking and writing about something that challenges a belief you may have about the topic. These stimuli will be in the form of readings, videos, images and questions that you will use to begin your reflection.
  3. Your blog post can include any artifact that demonstrates that you have engaged critically with the stimuli. This must include your blog post which could be in the form of a reflection, poem, or personal experience. In addition, you could enhance your writing by adding a concept map that can be embedded into your posts, images that add visual interest, videos of presentations, links to external sources and readings, etc. The multimedia that you add should be used to support statements you make, as well as provide evidence that you have engaged with the topic in a meaningful way.
  4. In addition to creating your own work, you should interact with others by reading their posts and commenting on their work. This aims to broaden the way you think about the topics, by acknowledging that there are many ways of knowing and being, and that your particular point of view may not be the only one. It is essential that you respect the views of others and engage with them from a position of respect.
  5. Revisit your own work after reading what others have written. Link back to the posts of other participants and reflect on how their writing and thinking has influenced you. There's nothing wrong with updating your thoughts based on what you see others doing.
  6. Understand that this course makes use of the fact that learning is a process rather than a product. What you learn during the course is less about the final product you produce and more about how deep and meaningfully you engage with others. Like most things, what you get out of this will be a reflection of what you were willing to put in.
  7. At the end of each week there will be an overview blog post written by the facilitators that that tries to capture the essance of the discussion around that week's topic. Understand that these overviews cannot be comprehensive because of the significant number of posts we anticipate being produced. Please don't be upset if your posts are not mentioned.

Week by Week[edit | edit source]

Week 1 :: What is this course about? (15-21 Jul.)

Week 2 :: What is morality? (22-28 Jul.)

Week 3 :: Are we really all equal? (29 Jul. - 04 Aug.)

Week 4 :: When is torture OK? (05-11 Aug.)

Week 5 :: When is euthenasia OK? (12-18 Aug.)

Week 6 :: Overview (19-25 Aug.)