Open Access Research


More and more research is being brought out from behind cost ineffective paywalls and being made available at low cost or for free. Open access journals make it easy for us to access new research and are listed below:

Open Access Publishers[edit | edit source]

Biomed Central - a wide range of open access on-line medical journals

Open Access Journals[edit | edit source]

  1. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
  2. Archives of Exercise in Health and Disease
  3. Arthritis Research and Therapy
  4. Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity
  5. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
  6. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
  7. Brazillian Journal of Physical Therapy
  8. European Journal of Human Movement
  9. European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
  10. Human Movement
  11. Indian Journal of Palliative Care
  12. Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  13. Iranian Rehabilitation Journal
  14. International Journal of Exercise Science
  15. International Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  16. Journal of Exercise Physiology
  17. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research
  18. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise
  19. Journal of Physical Therapy
  20. Journal of Physiotherapy
  21. Journal of Physical Therapy Science
  22. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
  23. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise
  24. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
  25. Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine
  26. Open Sports Medicine Journal
  27. Paediatric Rheumatology
  28. Physical Education and Sport
  29. Rehabilitation Research and Practice
  30. Scoliosis
  31. Serbian Journal of Sports Sciences
  32. South African Journal of Sports Medicine
  33. Sport Scientific And Practical Aspects
  34. Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy and Technology
  35. The Open Sports Medicine Journal
  36. International Journal of Yoga