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This page is for the facilitators of the first International Student Project (ISP1) to make regular reports and record any local developments in the project.  It is anticipated that this will provide a place for the facilitators and students involved to keep up to date with progress from each nation, and also to provide a page where any other interested parties can follow the progress of the project.

Note to editors: It is to be formatted in blog style in chronological order with the latest post at the top of the page. Each post should include a title (formatted as heading 2) as well as a signature and a date stamp (this can be written by adding ~~~~ to the post).

Main themes of the assignment[edit | edit source]

After a short phone call with Aileen on Monday, we decided that an exploration of the differences between South African and Irish practitioners' experiences in community-based physiotherapy would be most appropriate. We decided against a clinical topic because we thought there wouldn't be much scope to highlight differences in culture, etc. On reflection that decision seems to make sense. Human movement and rehabilitation techniques don't differ significantly across continents, but culture and socio-economic backgrounds do. Thus, a clinical topic would merely allow the students to cover content that wouldn't really be any different to what they would cover if this project didn't exist. With the topic we've chosen (which I'm sure will evolve and be refined as we progress), it seems to offer more of an opportunity to engage with each other on a deeper level and to really explore some of the major differences between the healthcare systems of a developing and developed country. Michael Rowe 11:32, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

Compiling a list of topics[edit | edit source]

Rachael Lowe 12:11, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

We are creating a list of potentail topics that we can give to the students to work on, this is located on the ISP1 project page.  Michael and Aileen can you plese add your ideas.

Exploring cultural differences[edit | edit source]

Rachael Lowe 12:11, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

We have agreed that it would be a great idea to encourage students to explore the cultural differences surrounding the given topics.  In which case we will be giving the students topics surrounding key skills and knowledge instead of clinical pages to work on.  Although this be quite challenging for the students it will make a very interesting project for all.

Welcome to the ISP1 progress page[edit | edit source]

Rachael Lowe 11:45, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

I am pleased to say that this first international collaborative project in Physiopedia will be going ahead in the new semester in 2010.  Thank you to Michael Rowe and Aileen Barrett for agreeing to take part.

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