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Are you a physiotherapy or physical therapy related researcher or research group?  Physiopedia is somewhere for you to openly disseminate your research and easily reach the global physiotherapy and physical therapy community.  

This guide explains how you as a researcher or research group can use Physiopedia to disseminate your research as well as contributing your knowledge to this global resource for the rehabilitation community.

Physiopedia's reach

Physiopedia is the largest physiotherapy and physical therapy resource in the world.  We reach the global community  and current statistics indicate that we have:

  • ~ 1 million page views per month
  • ~ 500,000 visitors per month
  • are visited from over 200 countries per month
  • around 15,000 pages on the website
  • are connected to over 70,000 people through social media

Physiopedia for disseminating research and expert knowledge

Physiopedia offers researchers the opportunity to easily publish and disseminate their knowledge of a specific clinical area to the physiotherapy and physical therapy community whilst also contributing in the creation of this global resource.

Physiopedia is a wiki, just like Wikipedia.  This allows any approved registered editor to easily contribute to and edit the website.

Researchers could use this opportunity to:

  • Publish research outcomes such as clinical decision making aids, outcome measures or other tools. Your research group will be directly credited for these.
  • Provide up to date evidence based information in your area of research on Physiopedia.  You are welcome to create new pages on your topic of expertise for readers to learn from and integrate into their practice to improve patient care. You are credited as the original editor on pages you create with a link back to your profile where you can promote your work.
  • Monitor and edit pages in your area of research that have previously been created on Physiopedia to ensure that the information presented is correct. All your edits are credited back to your profile page.

Physiospot for sharing thoughts and news

Physiospot is our online magazine where there are several opportunities for researchers:

  • Voices column  - researchers are welcome to write regular updates on their research for open dissemination globally.
  • News section - we welcome your news that we would be delighted to share.
  • Interviews - we enjoy interviewing topic experts to share knowledge with the community.

Physiopedia to deliver online courses (MOOCs)

We are experienced providers of open online courses (MOOCs) for the physiotherapy and physical therapy community and are the only providers doing this. The last amputee rehabilitation MOOC had around 4000 people from 150 countries on the course. The previous SCI course was a similar size and outcome and had several publications as a result of the course. There is a cost involved with this.

More information here:

Why should you get involved

  • It's an easy cost effective method to openly disseminate your research.
  • Know that you have been a part of the development of this valuable global collaborative effort to provide information to and educate the global physiotherapy and physical therapy community.
  • Any work that you contribute will be credited back to you and your research group. You are welcome to create an on-line presence in your profile page to promote your work.
  • Active engagement from research groups will be rewarded with a complimentary partnership.

Contact us

If you are interested in any of the above options to get involved please contact us.