Five Things

Original Editor - Elaine Lonnemann

Lead Editors - Elaine Lonnemann, Paul Lonnemann

 Five Things Your Physical Therapist Wants You to Know About...... 

Back Pain 

  1. Exercise and Activity are a good thing!
    Low Back Pain Guidelines
  2. We can manipulate but have many other skills and therefore aren't dependent on it as the only tool.
    Low Back Pain Guidelines
    Recent Study:  Manipulation and Mobilization are equally effective in Mechanical LBP treatment
  3. Surgery isn't necessary in the majority of cases!
  4. We can help you get better and prevent recurrences.
  5. A picture isn't worth a thousand words and certainly not a thousand dollars! 
    ACR Appropriateness Criteria LBP  

Neck Pain


Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain

Foot Pain

EMG/NCS Electromyography & Nerve Conduction Studies

Author:  David Boyce 

  1. EMG/NCS testing doesn’t have to be extremely painful. The needle insertion can be compared to a small pinch by someone's fingernails and the electrical stimulation in a NCS is similar to a static electricity shock when touching a door after walking across carpet.
  2. Why should I have an EMG NCS test? EMG/NCS testing has good specificity, if performed correctly.
  3. NCS alone is not enough! – Beware of mobile testing companies that only do NCS testing or use neurometer – this is not accurate and testing may be incomplete
  4. If your test is negative and you have clinical findings suggesting pathology, futher testing or trial treatment of the suspected condition is warranted.
  5. Can a Physical Therapist perform my EMG/NCS test?  Board Certified PT's are recommended for performing this test.  


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