Detensor Spinal traction system

Detensor Traction System The Detensor traction system is a series of products that have been developed to offer relaxation and joint relief by traction using an individual's body weight. It is targeted towards persons seeking non-chemical and non-surgical temporary relief to pain. These hypoallergenic foam products are meant to be used in different postures and during different situations or activities. Spinal traction is a major use of this system and coupling with hydration following usage periods increases effect. Traction is through use of the DETENSOR® Traction Mat for periods of up to an hour several times a day to only once a day and DETENSOR® Mattress 5% and DETENSOR® Fibrotop for longer term relief and use for extended periods of up to full cycles of deep sleep like overnight use. More support products include the DETENSOR® Functional Cervical Support and Baby – DETENSOR Neck Support Pillow for neck support and relief and the DETENSOR® Sitting Horizontal Support Pad as well as the Sitting Chair Vertical Cushion Detensor for those who sit for long periods in in chairs or wheelchairs. This array is made out of foam and is designed to not hamper circulation of blood in the parts that are in contact with them.

The Detensor spinal traction system

  1. unpacking
    • Confirm the presence of three direct use pieces; the back support, the functional cervical support(FCS) and the functional lower leg support(FLS).
    • Identify an open(clutter-free) and clean flat area to lay out the mat, like a solid floor. It should be easy to access as the system shall be used frequently and for a long time. A warm room is preferrable.
    • Arrange your schedule so that there are periods to use the traction system. A session should last for 45-60 minutes. They shall be many in the first week and shall reduce over time till you use as needed until retiring it.
  2. Down to it
    • Lower your back to the back support gently. the heart-shaped segment should align with the small of the back.
    • Raise your legs onto the leg support. Not further than the knee joint and not under the thighs.
    • Position the cervical support under your neck. The top of the shoulders as you lie down should the lowest limit for the support and across the width of the neck. Adjust till ideally comfortable position along the length of the cervical support.
    • Relax and enjoy the session for a maximum time of one hour.
  3. Getting up
    • Roll off sideways. Do not abruptly sit up from the waist.
    • Rehydrate.