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What is content review?

Physiopedia is a community edited website. The content review process is the process by which the standard of the content on Physiopedia is monitored and maintained. Ensuring that the best up to date, evidence based information is available to physiotherapists world wide. Monitoring and updating the wealth of information on Physiopedia is a huge task is managed by a team of dedicated volunteers. In addition, anyone from our global community can take part in this process which we encourage as a learning activity and professional development opportunity. 

The benefits of participating in content review

Contributing to Physiopedia is a great complement to any Physiotherapists' or Physical Therapists' daily work, and also to your CV.

The benefits include:

  • Knowledge growth  - You are likely to gain new profession-related up-to-date knowledge and also to advance your technical skills.
  • Professional development - reviewing content contributes to your continuing education and professional development.
  • Evidence of contribution - On completion of a successful page review all reviewers will receive a certificate of completion and receive PP+ points in their learning dashboard in Physiopedia Plus.
  • Professional pride - The positive contribution that you have made to our global profession by playing an important role in building this professional resource for our community.

Take Part

To take part in reviewing content all you need to do is review and update one page in Physiopedia, any page of your choosing.  Ideally you would choose a topic that you have specific knowledge of or something that you are interested to learn more about.

It's easy to take part, you just follow the Content Review Guidelines.

Join the team!

We are always keen to hear from Physiotherapists or Physical Therapists who would like to contribute to the profession by reviewing content. If you are keen to become an official member of the Content Team please get in touch.

If you would like to join the team email Rachael Lowe