CPD Courses Around The World

Providers of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Education (CE) courses relevant to manual therapists around the world are listed in alphabetical order. This list is not exhaustive.

Online Courses
FIFA Medicine Diploma - football medicine
Gray Institute - exercise therapy
Physiopedia - various

Globally Held Courses
Barral Institute - manual techniques
Good Life with Arthritis Denmark, Canada, Australia - exercise therapy
Movement Assessment Technologies - movement assessment
MovNat - exercise therapy
Redcord - exercise/suspension therapy

Courses in North America
Osteopathic Cranial Academy - manual techniques - US
Traditional Osteopathic Studies - manual techniques - US

Courses in Central & South America

Courses in Europe
Halliwick Therapy - hydrotherapy - Switzerland
Institute of Classical Osteopathy - manual techniques - UK
John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy - manual techniques - UK
Molinari Institute of Health - manual techniques - UK, Poland, Greece
Osteopathic Centre for Children - pediatric - UK
Proactive Training - various - UK
Sarah Wratten - hydrotherapy - UK
Stuart McGregor - equine & canine - UK

Courses in the Middle East

Courses in Asia Pacific
Australian Physiotherapy Association - various - Australia

Courses in Africa