This page lists all physiotherapy and physical therapy related blogs, our professional blogosphere. If there are any other physiotherapy or related blogs out there that we have missed off, please feel free to add them.



  • Balance Physio - thoughts, ideas, support, advice and musings from London's sports, spinal and performance clinic.
  • Body In Mind - Research into the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain disorders.



  • DigiTherapy - Blog of Dr. Sergio Velásquez Vélez (Spanish)
  • Dr Ben Fung - Promoting Best Practices, Business Strategies, Marketing Tactics, and Healthcare Advocacy
  • Dr Alison Grimaldi - a blog by Dr. Alison Grimaldi (physiotherapist, educator & researcher) for healthcare professionals about hip and pelvic pain, function and dysfunction.



  • Forward Thinking PT - Incorporating evidence into Physical Therapy practice.  Written by Joseph Brence, DPT


  • Geriatric PT - GeriatricPT is a blog about physical therapy, specifically PT for older adults, although it also has postings about other things pertaining to physical therapy including news in the profession.
  • Geaux to Physical Therapy - a blog by Monique Serpas for those who are currently receiving physical therapy services or who would like to learn more about physical therapy.


  • Hand Therapy - Marji Hajic, MS, OTR/L, CHT is an Occupational Therapist, a Certified Hand Therapist, and the owner of the Hand Therapy & Occupational Fitness Center of Santa Barbara.
  • Hip Pain Help Blog - Patient education blog about hip & pelvic issues. Associated with Dr Alison Grimaldi.



  • Kendra Ped PT - Wife, mother, professor, & physical therapist specializing in pediatrics. Blogging about child development, family, PT practice, teaching, research, & life.
  • Kitchener Physiotherapy & Wellness[[1]] - blogs on Patient education and physiotherapy in kitchener



  • Mariansphysioblog - experiences of a student from Otago, NZ
  • MelioGuide - Information for Physical Therapists on how to treat clients with low bone density, osteopenia and osteoporosis. 
  • Michael Rowe - Social media, the democratisation of knowledge and physiotherapy. Can they play nice together?
  • Mike Reinold - a blog for the discussion of current concepts and recent advances in orthopaedic and sports medicine for physical therapists, athletic trainers and other rehabilitation specialists.
  • Life is Movement : Movement is Life - from Don Reagan, Head Performance Coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at the Orthopaedic Center of Central Virginia as well as Adjunct Professor of Strength & Conditioning at Liberty University.
  • Movement Science - a great clinically related blog from TexasOrtho.
  • Moving Forward - written by the APTA President R. Scott Ward.
  • My Physical Therapy Space - the Evidence in Motion blog.


  • Neurotonics - a Physical Therapy team blog from Matthias Weinberger, Diane Jacobs and Cory Blickenstaff.
  • New Professional PT - "New professional" in the world of Physical Therapy refers to a graduate of a PT program in their first 5 years of practising.
  • NOI Jam - NOI jam is about: • providing an open liberal discussion forum led by experienced clinicians, focusing on the treatment of ongoing pain states via nervous system changing therapies based on movement and education • facilitating findings from science into clinical decision making,• enhancing links between clinicians and researcher,• bringing researchable ideas from the clinic to the fore.



  • Peak Physiotherapy and Performance - written to help educate patients about orthopedic injuries and pain relief solutions for active adults and athletes
  • Physical Therapy Sports and Wellness - written mostly for patients by physical therapists at CPMC in San Francisco.
  • Physical Therapy Diagnosis
  • Physiospot - Physiotherapy in the Spotlight. An on-line magazine featuring news, research, people, current affairs, publication reviews, jobs and courses. Written by physios for physios.
  • Physio Blogger
  • Physio Guru 
  • Physio Roots - Canada based clinic directory service
  • PlasticPhysio - Junior physiotherapist and physiopedia volunteer
  • PTTalker - physical therapy podcasts with physical therapists
  • PT Think Tank - critical observations of health, science, and the physical therapy profession.
  • Pursuit Physical Therapy Blog - designed for health care professionals, patients, physical therapists, and the general public to stay informed about physical therapy topics, current events, and to gather new information about physical therapy


  • QualifiedPhysio - New project for motivated physios of London and beyond. Full of tips to prepare for physio interviews, with authors ranging from newly graduates to experts.


  • Regis University Doctor of Physical Therapy Blog - life of a 3rd year DPT student from Regis University
  • Reflexiones de un estudiante de Terapia Fa­sica - A spanish blog with information that the authors hope will be interesting for students and professional colleagues.
  • Rockhurst Physical Therapy - Information about the DPT program at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Roger Kerry - Associate Professor at The University of Nottingham; Physiotherapist; Philosopher of Science-in-training. Interested in the way science behaves, and how evidence-based medicine works. Or doesn’t.
  • The Running Clinic - regular updates on the current literature relating to running injuries, biomechanics and running shoes. Available in French, English and Spanish.
  • RunningPhysio - an evidence based blog to help runners in injury management and prevention. Written by a marathon running physio.




  • VSPhysio - from "a Registered Physiotherapist practicing in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario"


  • WebPT
  • Blog Central - Dave's Musings - Dave Walton,Physiotherapist and Assistant Professor with the School of Physical Therapy at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Research director of PIRL, the Pain and Quality of Life Integrational Research Lab. Dave's musings on pain research.