Adding images

Uploading images to Physiopedia

  1. First you will need to save the image that you wish to use to your computer. To do this right click on the image and save the image to your computer.
  2. Once you have saved the file to your computer you need to upload it to Physiopedia. Click on the Tools link in the top right of the Navigation bar, from the drop down menu select the Upload File link.
  3. This will a new page in Physiopedia where you can upload your image. Click on the Choose File link and select the image file from your computer.
  4. This will automatically fill in the  Destination filename but you should change this for something more appropriate and identifiable.
  5. Then in the summary box add the source and/or reference for the image.
  6. Under the licensing drop down menu select the most appropriate licence for the image.
  7. Then click the Upload File button.

Once uploaded you will be directed to the page in Physiopedia related to the image that you have just uploaded. Now you are ready to put the image on to your Physiopedia page.

Inserting images on pages

  1. Go to the Physiopedia page that you are editing and place your cursor in the text where you want the image to appear. From the editing toolbar click on Insert and then from the drop down menu click Media.
  2. A pop up box will appear, you can either Search for an image that has already been uploaded to the media library or you can Upload a new image.
  3. Once you have found or uploaded the image you wish to use click the blue Save button.
  4. A new pop up box will appear that allows you to format the image. If you wish you can add a caption, border, position and size to your image.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Then Save the page that you are editing.

Your image should now be on the page.  In the source code (which you can see by clicking on Edit Source in the Edit drop down menu) the image will look like this for example: [[Image:imagename.jpg]]

Adding/editing images in wikitext

To make edits to an image in Physiopedia all you need to do is:

  1. Click Edit from the drop down menu under Edit in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the image and click on the Edit link that appears
  3. A pop up box will appear where you can make edits to and change the formatting for the image.
  4. When you are done click Save!

For more help on uploading and styling your images see the mediawiki help page on uploading images.