Adding Research

When you submit your research to Physiopedia you understand and agree to the following:

  • You agree that you are not breaking any prior copyright agreement with publishers where your work has been previously published.
  • You understand that Physiopedia grants free access to the Content of Physiopedia, which is licensed to you and the public under the Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial Share-Alike License and once your work is submitted it will be subject to this license.
  • You agree to comply with good standards of physiotherapy practice (see UK Standards of Practice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health Professions Council). This includes NOT sharing any private information that would identify a patient/client.

Important :

You may wish to refer to the submission guidelines when preparing your work to be published in Physiopedia.

To ensure that none of your work is lost when submitting research to Physiopedia please remember to save your work regularly.

You need to have a Physiopedia account to add your research.  Request one here.

Steps to follow[edit | edit source]

To add your research please follow these steps:

  • Add your research to the Table of Contents. To do this complete the following:
    • Go to the Table of Contents page
    • Add the title of your research as a bullet point under the current year and month
    • Make that 'title' a link to a new page by doing the following:
      • on the Table of Contents page click Edit
      • highlight where you have added the title of your new page
      • click the link icon in the editing toolbar
      • add the name of your new page i.e. the title of your research into the top box (Make sure that you name the new page the same as the title of your research)
      • click save
  • Add a template to the new page that you have created (i.e. RCT, Systematic Review or Case Study).  It is not neccessary to use one of our templates but it may give you a guideline for your page.  Here's how to do this:
    • Go to your new page
    • click Edit
    • then click wikitext in the editing toolbar,
    • then type one of the following at the top of the new page, choose the one that is most appropriate for your research: {{RCT}} or {{Systematic Review}} or {{Case Study}}
    • then click save
  • Add your research.  Now your new page is ready for you to edit, so click Edit and away you go!
    • please feel free to edit the headings as you feel is neccessary!

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